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  • Business volume increased by 30%, completed 100+ projects | IG Lighting annual transcript

    Click: 1469 Date: 2022-01-03 16:50:00

    Let alone 2020, how will lighting manufacturers evaluate the achievements of this year? What kind of mentality and goals will you take to the next journey?

    Suppose the company is a middle school student and also has a final transcript. What should be included?

    The following list of IG Lighting 2020 results may provide us with some reference:

    1. Annual target growth in 2020

    2. Projects completed

    3. Target completion rate of offline experience hall opening

    4. New products

    5. Improve the management level

    6. What have been done in the first year of own brand?

    7. 3 memorable things

    8. Score ourselves

    9. A foreshadowing + a [spicy quiz]


    Mr. Chang Xuehe

    Vice General Manager of IG Lighting


    Annual target growth 30%



    In 2020, there are indeed many challenges for IG Lighting. The advantage of IG is that we mainly work on projects, and there are still some orders reserved in 2019 when we resume after the CNY, which can basically guarantee the production.

    Starting from late March, we gradually felt the pressure of business. We began to interview the market, although the market demand was not as big as before, we gradually felt a partial recovery. By mid-April, more and more new orders were received, and the business volume in May basically recovered to the level of the same period of previous years. That is at that time, our dealers also took full action, and the sales were basically flat.

    But in the final analysis, the sales of the entire 2020 are completed in the second half of the whole year,  the most important of the year is the 4th quarter. In the 4th quarter, some new situations appeared: the overall price of raw materials increased, the supply chain was congested... Under this pressure, we achieved a 30% increase in our annual target growth.

    Of course, the pressure is still relatively high, because the business is all pressed together in that period. Therefore, in the past two months or so, our production staff and management have been under a heavy workload.

    There are almost 60 days after the National Day holiday to 2021 New Year, we have a total of 3 days off. On December 31st, the factory worked overtime until 23:50 to arrange and dispatch the orders. The worker said, "Mr. Chang, we will not leave, let's go together the New Year's Eve.” At that moment, what I was thinking about was smiling and saying Happy New Year to everyone, but my tears started to get out of control.

    At that time, I had a lot of feelings. 2020 has just passed, and the experiences of this year flashed before my eyes one by one: what did we do when the business was at a low point? How to deal with peak season? How does the whole team stand together through thick and thin, overcome together, and how does the cohesion of the team gradually increase in this kind of experience...


     Projects completed 100+


    The projects served by IG Lighting can be roughly divided into several sections. The first is hotel projects, Five-star hotel projects such as Wuhu Lijing Hilton Hotel, Hubei Danyang International Hotel, Guangzhou Forest Sea Hotel, and Maoming Sheraton Hotel. We did 6 projects in 2020. In addition, we have made many boutique hotels and homestays, which is the focus of our business, and we are still working hard to further develop in this direction.

    The second one belongs to the real estate category, areas such as sales centers and model houses with relatively high quality requirements. In 2020, it has served companies including Vanke, Poly Development, Sunac China, China Resources Land, Longfor Group, Sunshine City, Ronshine Group, Helenbergh, Dongyuan Real Estate, Yanlord Land, Fangyuan Real Estate, Gemdale Group, Seazen Holdings, There are nearly 20 well-known real estate companies including Zhijing Real Estate, Agile, Zhonghai, Mingcheng Real Estate, Dinglong Group, etc. Just for the type of project of the real estate company sales center, we do about 6~7 projects per month, and the whole year about 50~ 60 were completed.

    The third belongs to the public construction category, mainly office buildings. For example, Southwest Securities Building, the tallest building in Jiangbei, Chongqing, which is still in progress, is a comprehensive intelligent lighting demonstration building, all of which are controlled by DALI, and all lights are supplied by us.

    There are also the overall renovation projects of the Zhongguancun Forum completed before, the Gate of the Yangtze River in Wuhan, the Datang 5G Center, etc., which are all public construction projects.

    The last is also a new attempt. In the past, we mainly did pure engineering projects, and in 2020, we also started some home improvement projects. Correspondingly, we have not done offline terminals such as experience halls in the market in the past, and all sales were completed in the office building of Pioneer Park. The series of impacts by the COVID-19 in 2020 forced us to make changes.

    Now, many Red Star Macalline and Easyhome stores across the country have been able to see IG smart lighting exhibition halls. Through offline exhibition halls, we have begun to contact high-end retail.

    Of course, we are also promoting other commercial license projects, such as brand chain clothing stores and high-end restaurants. Generally speaking, IG Lighting customers and projects tend to be high-end, so our core will be more on product quality and service capabilities. As long as we serve these key service objects well, we are confident and ability to do well.

    To sum it up in one sentence, it is "lock a big tree and develop a forest".


    Target completion rate of offline experience hall opening 

    In terms of channel development, the opening of offline experience halls is an important move for IG Lighting in 2020. The original plan was to land 100% of the 4 important first-tier cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, projects completed 75% already. Except that 4 cities  have all been successfully completed.

    IG will also deploy offline experience halls in some design central in 2020, such as Xi'an in the northwest, Chengdu in the southwest, Shenyang in the northeast, and Hangzhou, Nanjing, and Suzhou in the east


    IG Lighting Wuhan offline experience hall

    In Changsha, Zhengzhou, Nanchang, Wuhan and other cities, more than 30 offline experience stores have been completed, using a method from 1 to N. On the basis of the basic version exhibition hall, personalized design is made according to the characteristics of the city. Among them, exhibition halls such as Wuhan and Putian have attracted many other lighting company to check in because of their excellent design.


    IG Lighting Putian offline experience hall


    5 new products launched

    In 2020, we analyzed our existing products according to the Boston Matrix. At present, the most star new product is our FUMA series. Last year's star product "AKARI", which means goddess, is gentler and more suitable for hotels and home decoration. "FUMA" is more suitable for use in a dynamic space. The main focus is the commercial lighting market. Now FUMA series is such as a daily necessities in many sales centers.

    FUMA series with the golden 3.5-second slow-start driver. There are many slow-start products in the market, our driver is designed according to the visual acceptance of the eyes, with more emphasis on the concept of humanity.


     Improvement of management level


    We have completed the upgrade of 2 systems in 2020. One is the upgrade of the ERP system. This will indeed take a lot of time and energy, but the completion of the upgrade will allow for more effective management of the entire production control and sales system. The training and preparation of personnel can be implemented according to the system architecture.

    In addition, in response to some difficulties that dealers often encounter, we also built and launched the online system of IG Lighting last year. Now the popularity of mobile office is very high, but when dealers and companies are connected, how can they achieve unlimited connection from communication to orders through mobile terminals? This problem that plagued many dealers were also perfectly solved last year. Through the online system, the internal and external connections were realized, which greatly improved the management efficiency.


    What have been done in the first year of own brand?

    2020 is the "First year of the second phase of the first step" of IG corporate strategy. We divide the first step into 3 sections. The first section is the first 3-year called "Basic Year", which is mainly to build the foundation of our team, products and brand. The foundation of the brand is actually the basic image such as VI vision. .

    The second 3-year of the first step, we define as [IG brand year]. As you can see in the first 3-year, we paid more attention to product promotion, and in 2020, we began to do some branding actions. For example, when Mr. Xu Qinghui came to the live broadcast last time, I introduced how the IG brand came about and what I wanted to do.

    2020 is the first year of IG brand. We made an in-depth design for the tonality of the entire brand, changing from the previous all-match black tone to a more dynamic and changeable color element.

    Like some information brochures, the elements of IG are more expressed: where there is light, shadow is needed, otherwise the world will be pale; where there is darkness, there needs to be light, otherwise the world will be desolate.

    In addition, we have begun to build smart lighting experience spaces in different cities all over the country, and we also plan to follow the city tour in 2021 from a Lighting industry service organization “Yunzhiguang”, as well as ensure 100+ offline events for buyers, designers, engineers and service providers every year, spread the IG brand in various ways.


     IG Lighting Headquarters Zhongshan Xiaolan Smart Lighting Exhibition Hall


    3 memorable things

    First of all, for me personally, the most memorable thing is that my son was admitted to his favorite middle school.

    The second thing, for the company, the construction of the first brand year has achieved results in 2020, giving the foundation and direction for the next two years to land.

    The third thing is that we started the "Designer's Home" program. The first space is being renovated, and each room is done in the way of a hotel. After installation, it will serve as the accommodation for partners such as designers and dealers from all over the country. At the same time, it is also a design studio and more important place for training and communication.

    There will definitely be more and more designer homes in the future, which also means that the relationship between companies and designers will become closer and closer.


    How many points do we give ourselves?


    Combining the external environment and the performance of the team, I think IG will get 88 points in 2020.

    Under the influence of the ups and downs of the external environment, the team can maintain full enthusiasm and finally achieve better performance than last year, which is worthy of encouragement.

    As for the 12 points that have been deducted, I think the first is the construction of the market side, mainly because I still have many shortcomings. Second, although the new system has been implemented internally, the popularity and proficiency have not achieved the expected results, and there is still a long way to go.


    A foreshadowing was planted at the beginning of the year, what will grow by the end of the year?


    The foreshadowing I gave is a number that everyone likes: 100.

    This will be an important goal for IG to accomplish in 2021. This goal is not only conducive to brand communication, but also a process of internal cultivation.


    A spicy quiz

    ①What do you think is the gap between domestic brands and international brands?

    ②How to treat plagiarism in products and designs, or learn from it?

    ③What do you think of the free lighting design provided by lighting manufacturers?

    ④How do you view the opportunities of market segments?

    ⑤ If you could go back to the beginning of your business, where would you like your business to start?

    ⑥If you were asked to summarize several opportunities for the lighting industry in the next three years, which one would you propose? Why?